Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

At the Banff Playwright's Colony

(Photo by Brian Quirt.) As part of the National Theatre School of Canada's Playwriting Program, we have the extreme privilege of attending the Banff Playwright's Colony for a week to work on our third year projects. These projects will be performed as the finale of NTS's 2018 season in May of next year. Really it's a sort of incubation time to sit down, take a week, and develop or write the beginnings of a play. We also have access to onsite dramaturgy and facilities like soundproof rooms and studios if we need. But really - it's impossible to overstate the feeling of peace and inspiration the physical space really offers. We're in the middle of the mountains and every view is really awe-ins

'Fags In Space' Reading in Ottawa

Fags In Space will be presented as part of Ottawa Little Theatre's Playwright's Weekend on April 22nd at 7:00pm. This comes as part of a reading series beginning at 2:00pm presented alongside the other winners of the Ottawa Little Theatre's National Playwriting competition. A competition in which Fags In Space received the Dorothy White Award for second place overall. Comments About Fags In Space: "Decorating a Christmas tree generates a wild, vibrant, searching and scarring examination of a gay couple's relationship with one another and with the wilder world." - Brian Quirt "Fags In Space is a vitally current, viciously tender piece. It explores our desire to go deeper and get closer while

Iphigenia at the Newmarket National 10 Minute Play Festival

Iphigenia will be featured along side 24 other plays in Newmarket, Ontario as part of a 10 Minute National play festival. (July 21 - 23). Iphigenia is a 10 minute play written at the National Theatre School of Canada. The play involves a dialogue between Iphigenia and her mother. Iphigenia pleads for her life. Clytemnestra struggles between her role as a mother and her duty as a queen. (For more info about the festival click here.) (For more info about Iphigenia click here.)

"Watch Me Drown" - A Study in Process

My second year project at the National Theatre School of Canada, “Watch Me Drown,” will be read today at 7pm. I just wanted to take some time, reflect, and look back on the spark that led to this moment. It all started with a monologue: I died last night in a swimming pool. Floating upside-down, hairs spread wide like an open palm. Face relaxed. Eyes open and clouded. My dress sprawled around me. Floral print in a chlorine blue. And nobody noticed. Fast forward a month. A year. The unveiling of a painting of the same moment. A flat piece of paper in oil and ink guarded and shielded from the word with a velvet curtain. When they showed me to the world - I watched from my wall. I watched behin