Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Festival

The National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Festival is this weekend!! So if you find yourself in Newmarket, Ontario or are in the area - consider checking it out. There are lots of great works taking place (something like 24 plays???) including my own short work 'Iphigenia.' The facebook event. Their website. Some rehearsal photos. Although I can't be there in person, it looks like a great time. There's also lots of really awesome stuff happening in Newmarket in addition to the festival! It's really worth a look. :)

Writing 'Classically' in 10 Minutes or Less

This year I wrote a short ten-minute play called Iphigenia. Where it's essentially inspired by the Greek myth in which Iphigenia's father, Agamemnon, ruffles the goddess Artemis’ feathers. As a result, Artemis decrees that the only way his ships will be allowed to sail to Troy is if he sacrifices his first-born daughter, Iphigenia. Basically, it’s a normal weekend for a classic tragic Greek family. #NoBiggie This myth has always been so interesting to me. I mean can you imagine being that daughter? Your father has offended a god, and you have been reduced to nothing but a token, a bargaining chip, a way to punish HIM. Your agency has been entirely stripped away, and you’ve been added as a fo