Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

With Support From:

Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Edmonton Arts Council 

Canada Council for the Arts

The National Theatre School 'Theatre Engaging Communities' Grant

Liam Salmon is an award-winning queer playwright, dramaturge, producer, and educator based out of Edmonton, Alberta (Amiskwakahegan) (HE / HIM). He is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting program and his work has been produced across the country, including most recently at the Edmonton Fringe with the critically lauded five-star play LOCAL DIVA (Edmonton Journal, DAZE Magazine). Selected awards include winning first place for Silence and the Machine in Theatre Basement’s Dweller’s Horror Playwriting Competition, and top three for three years in a row for his short plays at the National Newmarket Ontario Play Festival.


Liam is also a co-producer for the Alberta Queer Calendar Project ( AQCP is working to produce several plays for the 2020 calendar year in audio radio-play format. 


Currently Liam is working on the play, Subscribe or Like. The play has been in development for several years, beginning in a workshop at NTS, continuing through several workshops hosted by Workshop West, Alberta Playwright’s Network, and the Edmonton Script Salon. 


He has also spent many years as an educator and mentor. He has worked with Alberta Playwright’s Network as in-room facilitator for Youthriot, is a substitute instructor for the Citadel Young Playwriting Company, and works at the Intercultural Centre as an early childhood educator.

Awards and Recognition:

National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Competition 

Third place for Electra.

National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Competition

Third place for Clytemnestra 

Gladys Cameron Watt Award

As part of the Ottawa Little Theatre's National Playwriting Competition.

Awarded to Watch Me Drown. 

National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Competition 

Second place for Iphigenia. 

Dorothy White Award 

As part of the Ottawa Little Theatre's National Playwriting Competition. Awarded to Fags In Space. 

Theatre BSMT Dweller's Playwriting Competition 

First Place for Silence and the Machine 

Frank Bueckert Prize 

Given to a Drama student at the University of Alberta who demonstrates aptitude and promise in playwriting. 

Alberta Playwright's Competition

Honourable Mention for DIG