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  • Liam Salmon

At the Banff Playwright's Colony

(Photo by Brian Quirt.)

As part of the National Theatre School of Canada's Playwriting Program, we have the extreme privilege of attending the Banff Playwright's Colony for a week to work on our third year projects. These projects will be performed as the finale of NTS's 2018 season in May of next year.

Really it's a sort of incubation time to sit down, take a week, and develop or write the beginnings of a play. We also have access to onsite dramaturgy and facilities like soundproof rooms and studios if we need. But really - it's impossible to overstate the feeling of peace and inspiration the physical space really offers. We're in the middle of the mountains and every view is really awe-inspiring.

But in addition to the general inspiration of space and setting, here are some songs that are buzzing around in my head. Each sort of 'of the world' of my current piece tentatively titled: "It's a Perfect Day in Neptune."

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