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  • Liam Salmon

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Photos by Ian Jackson, Epic Photography.

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Interview with the actors on Global:

“I haven’t spent a more nerve-racking evening in the theatre so far this season. I left the show shaken Saturday night. And I’m still thinking about it.” – Liz Nicholls,

“I’m just warning you,” grins Salmon, a graduate of the National Theatre School playwriting program. “There’s a scene that’s … visceral. It’s ‘o god, how far is this going to go? O god, it’s getting worse. And we go all the way!” – Liz Nicholls,

“Part of why I blog is that I want the theatre artists to know they have moved me and made me think. And the Subscribe or Like playwright and team did.” – Louise Mallory, Ephemeral Pleasures.

“Salmon’s play does drag you in… so much that you’ll be gripping the sides of your seat by the end.”- Tom Murray, Edmonton Journal.

“This show had me unable to look away even though part of my brain was saying I can't watch.” – Kristen Finlay, FinsterFinds.

"The payoff is something that is going to get audiences to think, laugh, sweat, and maybe even squirm a bit due to some more intense moments. While Salmon loves to get people’s brains working, they also love seeing audiences’ “visceral reactions” to some of the more brutal scenes.

“That’s sort of an animal pleasure that I get from that.”

Preview & CKUA Interview:


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