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Liam Salmon is an award-winning queer playwright, writer, dramaturge, producer, and educator based out of Amiskwakahegan, colonially known as Edmonton, Alberta (They/Them). They are a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting program, and their work has been produced across the country. Their work focuses on queer experiences, deconstructing gender, concepts of family, science fiction, horror, and exploring and exploding forms of theatre including classical Greek, and interdisciplinary/intermedial forms. Liam was Playwright in Residence at Workshop West in 2020 where they've worked on their youtube-millennial-centric play, Subscribe or Like which later premiered in their 2022/23 season. Liam's work FAGS IN SPACE garnered rave reviews and sold-out houses at the 2022 Edmonton Fringe, later winning best new Fringe play at the Edmonton Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards.


Awards and Recognition:
Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award - Outstanding Fringe New Work 
Fags In Space

​National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Competition 

National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Competition

Gladys Cameron Watt Award
Watch Me Drown

National Newmarket 10 Minute Play Competition 

Dorothy White Award 
Fags In Space

Theatre BSMT Dweller's Playwriting Competition 
Silence and the Machine 

​Frank Bueckert Prize 
Given to a Drama student at the University of Alberta who demonstrates aptitude and promise in playwriting. 

Alberta Playwright's Competition
Honourable Mention for DIG 

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