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Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

A one act play by Liam Salmon.

Watch Me Drown:

Eight years ago at a graduation party, Angeline Stewart drowned in a swimming pool. Macy, Lauren, Dorian and Tom were the only ones who slept over, the first ones who woke and dealt with the horrific sight of their friend dead and gone. Fast forward eight years: and none of them have really dealt with any of that. But now, out of the blue, Dorian has invited them all to the opening of his exhibition at a local art gallery... 


His painting calls something from beyond and sets into motion something none of them can control.

Developed through the playwriting program at the National Theatre School of Canada.

Dramaturged by: Erin Shields

Readings by: Members of the 2018 acting class,

Public Music Stand Reads By: Sean Colby, Lucinda Davis, Emilia Hellman, Patrick Keeler, Kathleen Stavert. 

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