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Photos Taken By: Maxime Côté

Photos feat: Michael Chiem, Simon Gagnon, Cara Krisman, Qianna MacGilchrist, Kathleen MacLean, Rosalie Sophia Tremblay-Johnston, and Jacob Wilkinson. 

Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

A 90 minute play by Liam Salmon. 

The Words We Do Not Have

Many years ago the founding members of the small town of Neptune drew a line in the soil distinguishing their world from the world outside. All of the good on their side, all of the bad on the other. And so they went about their days living together, starting families, having children. For a while it was wonderful, it was ideal. Until one day a spark between two girls threatened to destroy everything.

Written, developed, and produced through the National Theatre School of Canada's Playwriting program, and presented through their New Words Festival. 

Bobby -
Michael Chiem 
Howard - Simon Gagnon
Jo - Cara Krisman 
Sadie - Qianna MacGilchrist
Marigold - Kathleen MacLean 
Regina - Rosalie Sophia Tremblay-Johnston 
Arthur - Jacob Wilkinson 


Director - Harrison Thomas
Set Designer – Vincent Pouliot 
Costume Designer – Kita Mendolia 
Lighting Designer – Jessie Potter 
Video Designer – Haylee Tucker
Sound Designer – Cosette Pin 
Assistant to the Set Designer – Étienne René-Contant

Production Manager –
Meghan Froebelius 
Technical Director – Martin Nishikawa 
Assistant Technical Director – Hannah Kirby 
Stage Manager – Crystal Chettiar 
Assistant Stage Manager – Katherine Kellner 
Head Carpenter – Mackenzie Poole
Head Electrician – Elizabeth Richardson 
Head of Video – Samuel Boucher 
Head of Sound – Gloria Mok 
Assistant Head of Lighting – Patrick Fitzsimmon 
Assistant Head of Sound – Zach Fedora 
Assistant Head of Video – Ryan Wilcox
Production Assistant – Paige Prystupa
Assistant to the ATD – Leslie Hernandez 
Paint Assistance – Margarita Brodie 
Props Assistance – Joline Rath, Nadine Jaafar

Dramaturg –
Sarah Elkasheff

Head of Playwriting - Andrea Romaldi
Directing – Andrea Donaldson
Movement – Rebecca Harper
Voice – Laurel Thomson
Fight Director – Anita Nittoly
Set and Costume Design – Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle
Props – Éliane Fayad and Angela Rassenti
Lighting Design – Jason Hand
Video Design – Thierry Francis
Sound Design – Lee A. Kinney
Production Management – Andrea Lundy
Stage Management – Marcie Januska
Technical Direction – Terri Gillis
Scenic Painting – Veronique Pagnoux
Master Carpenter – Guillaume Simard
Head Carpenter – Christian Larochelle
Technical Supervision – David Jodoin

Head of Wardrobe - 
Audrey Lee
Assistant to Head of Wardrobe - Lynda Douville
Seamstress - Lisange Boulais
Seamstress - Jez Yung
Cutter - Philippe Lemieux

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