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A one act by Liam Salmon 

Silence and the Machine:

She is in every way indistinguishable from a human being. Skin stretched from a plastic polymer over metal bones, an artificial breathing cycle designed to simulate life, and a brain that reprograms itself forming its own synapses and neurological connections. All of which is owned and patented by someone else. Anya is an android with perfect artificial intelligence, Robb is her creator, and Eve will do whatever it takes. Together they will discover just how human Anya really is. Cut her and she'll bleed, she'll bruise even, but when the last drop runs dry... 

Written and performed for the student festival New Words at the University of Alberta. (2015)

Dramaturg: Colleen Murphy and Lily Climenhaga. 

Director: Desirée Leverenz 

Stage Manager: Isabel Bergquist 

Designer: Elise Jason

Performed by: Sophie Gareau-Brenna, Dale MacDonald, Erin Orris, Connor Suart, Catherine Vielguth.

Workshopped and performed at Nextfest. 

Dramaturged by: Steve Pirot and Brian Drader. 

Directed by: Desirée Leverenz 

Stage Manager: Natasha Brocks 

Designed by: Connor Suart and Elise Jason 

Performed by: Franco Correa, Erin Orris, Kiana Woo. 


Winner of the Theatre BSMT Dweller's Playwriting Competition 

Performed by Theatre BSMT. 

Director: Ryan Reese
Dramaturged  by: Michelle Kneale
Stage Manager: Benton Neufeld
Sound Design: Aidan Lytton
Lighting Design: Lisa Floyd

Performed by: Shelby Wilson, Camille Pavlenko and Greg Wilson.

Produced by Ryan Reese and Kyle Schulte

Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

Photo by Desirée Leverenz feat: Catherine Vielgueth and Erin Orris.

Photo by Sophie Gareau-Brenna feat: Catherine Vielgueth.

Image designed by Liam Salmon. 

Photo by Liam Salmon feat: Erin Orris and Franco Correa. 

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