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  • Liam Salmon

ARKANGEL Trailer + Show Times


Something has happened to the church. Something’s terribly wrong with the pastor. Maybe something’s always been wrong with the small town of [REDACTED].

ARKANGEL is a workshop production/experiment of a sci-fi/horror digital play. In this digital/video format, we experimented with recorded video and a long-distance rehearsal and development process.



It will be streamed by NEXTFEST on June 5th at 7:45pm at this location:


Writing and direction by Liam Salmon. Design, Editing and Post Production by James McCoy. Production Management by Tucker.

Featuring the acting talents and voices of: Jacob Margaret Archer, James McCoy, Eleanor Neylon, Meryl Ochoa, Liam Salmon, Tucker, Kiana Woo and Alanna Wrenshall.




ARKANGEL CONTENT WARNINGS: ******** Use of "Strobe Lights", Sudden Loud Noises / Sounds, Bright Lights. ********

Adult Language/Adult Content Death / Dying Kidnapping / Abduction Religious Content

Depictions of: Blood, An Insect (Cricket).

References to: Mental Illness, Trauma / PTSD.


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