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  • Liam Salmon

In Process...

(pictured: a desk in process)

I have the incredible privilege working with Heather Inglis and and incredibly talented cast of actors this week: Jacob Halloway, Troy O'Donnell, Mieko Ouchi, Andrea Ruschin, Luc Tellier, Melissa Thingelstad, Kiana Woo, and Silverius Materi. (In partnership with Blarney Productions and Wayne Pacquette). With generous support form the Edmonton Arts Council.

We're working through three of my plays: Fags In Space, DIG, and The Boy With No Face. Workshopping, writing and rewriting.

My thought at the end of our first week of workshop is how surreal it is to plan something for months... only to find yourself in process. All those weeks of planning leading up to the actual thing, only for the thing to pass faster than you'd ever imagined.

Super exciting + incredibly jazzed to bring these plays to the next level. Hopefully, to land on an Edmonton stage in the near future,

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