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  • Liam Salmon

Clytemnestra at the Newmarket National 10 Minute Play Festival

My 10 minute play 'Clytemnestra' will be presented from 26 - 29th at a 10 Minute Play Festival in Newmarket Ontario. "After sacrificing his daughter to the gods, Agamemnon returns to his wife's waiting arms."

This also happens to be a sequel to the play 'Iphigenia' that was produced by the same festival last year. As such - it features the same heightened language and the same totally functional greek family only ten years later after the war.

Directed by Sean O'Brien, and featuring Meghan de Chastelain and James Evans.

This play is just one of MANY plays that will be produced by writers from across the country. It's really an exciting festival!! Check it out if you get the chance.

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