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  • Liam Salmon

Writing For Video Games

This week the National Theatre School's Playwriting Department worked with Jill Murray to create small little video games using the web-based tool, bitsy.

My own game (which you can find here) is what I call a sort of walking story. You take control of a little avatar and journey from a rocket launch, a bird flying through the sky, to your average contemplation of beautiful ordinary things in the universe.

The game is the product of about five days of work, but you could also try out the product of my Day 1 of exploring the bitsy tool here.

There's something really exciting about exploring different shapes and forms writing can take. It seems to me every medium has opportunities for approaching storytelling in different ways, and it's something I'm excited to continue exploring as I move through my last year at NTS.

I have to say - there's something about writing for video games that particularly captures my imagination. Something about the opportunity for agency and interactivity there that can present unique experiences for your audience.

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