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I always knew the thing I wanted to do in was to write. Writing has been a consistent part of my life, from writing super angsty teen poetry to literal videogame fanfiction in my late/early teens. In a complicated world, it’s always been my way of processing, of trying to make sense or navigate through the senseless.
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Rachel and Miles are struggling. They work long hours at low-paying jobs and struggle to find their place in the world. When will their lives ever really take off? With fewer options available daily, they turn to the frontier of the Internet and launch their own video channel. How far will they go for digital fame and fortune? Are the videos they create reflections of their ambition, or are there darker forces at work? ​Premiered May 24 - June 11th with Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre.

Fags In Space
Local Diva
Silence and the Machine
The Words We Do Not Have
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