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Honoured with an Elizabeth Haynes Sterling Award for Best New Work (2023) 
Nominated for Best Fringe Ensemble (2023) 
Nominated for Oustanding Fringe Production (2023)

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Alberta Theatre Guide's Emerging Artist's Pick of the Fringe. 

"The world needs more queer joy, and Fags in Space sets out to deliver with a happy ending that seems written in the stars.”

- Beer Tent Reviews 

"So very cute and adorable. Was happy to get ALL the nerd jokes, even the Doctor Who ones! This was a nice gentle and humorous rom-com about two young men who are destined to be together." - Finster Finds

“Fags in space is essential viewing at this year’s festival.”

- Info Edmonton

“Rom-coms are built on friction, obstacles to overcome, apparent incompatibilities, setbacks and separations, doubts, improbabilities that are actually romantic inevitabilities to everyone (except the participants). Salmon, a skilled writer of natural, funny romantic dialogue, moulds the form artfully. And Owen Holloway’s production is lit with the romantic chemistry between the actors; Salmon’s characters are amusing and amused with each other, a little wary, very aware of the odds stacked in this world against gay love stories with happy endings. We want them to succeed.”

- Liz Nichols

A one act  play by Liam Salmon. 

Fags In Space

Join Luca and Todd at their Christmas Housewarming party as they tell the story of how they first met, with a cosmic twist. A gay romance staring two guys - and no one dies at the end.

Produced by Low Hanging Fruit Productions at the 2022 Edmonton Fringe.

Featuring the Performances of Braden Butler and Sheldon Stockdale

Play by Liam Salmon 
Direction by Owen Holloway 
Design by Mitch Dexter
Stage Management by Galen Hite
Assistant Stage Management by Harlan Bertolt

Special Thanks:

Amanda Samuelson, Marina Sanchez, Elena Belyea, Luc Tellier,  Brian Drader, Jacob Holloway, Michael Anderson, Heather Inglis, Darrin Hagen, James McCoy, Ben Franchuk,  Blarney Productions, the National Theatre School Acting Class of 2018, and Playwriting Classes of 2016-2018. 

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Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

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