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Of Wolves (One Act)




Silence and the Machine (One Act)





Iphigenia (10 Minute Play)



Watch Me Drown

In Development


Angry Crayon Flowers (5 Minute Play)

Commissioned and Produced


Fags In Space

In Development


The Boy With No Face (One Act)

In Development 


(un) known stories (Devised Piece)



DIG (One Act)                                                         

In Development


All That’s Left (One Act)


New Words Festival  (National Theatre School) / Montreal, QC (2018)



Theatre BSMT / Calgary, AB (2017)

Nextfest / Edmonton, AB (2016)

New Works / Edmonton, AB (2015)



National 10 Minute Play Festival / Newmarket, ON (2017)


National Theatre School of Canada / Montreal, QC (2017)


Citadel Theatre / Edmonton, AB (2016)

National Theatre School of Canada / Montreal, QC (2016)


Citadel Playwright’s Forum / Edmonton, AB (2015)



In Arms Theatre Collective/ Edmonton, AB (2015)



Citadel Young Playwriting Company / Edmonton, AB  (2014)


New Words Festival / Edmonton, AB (2014)


Banff Playwrights Lab (2017)

Led by Brian Quirt and Jenna Rodgers with mentor Marcus Youssef. Other Participants: Mieko Ouchi, David Van Belle, Adrienne Wong, Evan Placey.


Citadel Playwright’s Forum (2015)

Led by Colleen Murphy and Brian Dooley. Other Participants: Darrin Hagen, Karen Hines, Tracy Power, and Nicole Schafenacker. Involved the reading and development of The Boy With No Face. The work was also staged and workshopped on the Maclab theatre at the Citadel.

Citadel Playwright’s Young Playwriting Company (2010 – 2014)

Led by Heather Inglis. Guest playwrights included Jason Chinn, Trevor Schmidt, Mieko Ouchi, Nicole Moeller, and Beth Graham. Involved the creation/workshop of several plays.


Alberta Playwright’s Network – Student Member


Playwright’s Guild of Canada – Student Member

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