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Nominated for a Haynes Elizabeth Sterling Award for Multimedia. 
Nominated for Sound Design. 


Production photos by Ian Jackson / Epic Photography. 


“I haven’t spent a more nerve-racking evening in the theatre so far this season. I left the show shaken Saturday night. And I’m still thinking about it.” – Liz Nicholls,

“I’m just warning you,” grins Salmon, a graduate of the National Theatre School playwriting program. “There’s a scene that’s … visceral. It’s ‘o god, how far is this going to go? O god, it’s getting worse. And we go all the way!” – Liz Nicholls,

“Part of why I blog is that I want the theatre artists to know they have moved me and made me think. And the Subscribe or Like playwright and team did.” – Louise Mallory, Ephemeral Pleasures.

“Salmon’s play does drag you in… so much that you’ll be gripping the sides of your seat by the end.”- Tom Murray, Edmonton Journal.

“This show had me unable to look away even though part of my brain was saying I can't watch.” – Kristen Finlay, FinsterFinds.

Preview & CKUA Interview:

Rachel and Miles are struggling. They work long hours at low-paying jobs and struggle to find their place in the world. When will their lives ever really take off? With fewer options available daily, they turn to the frontier of the Internet and launch their own video channel. How far will they go for digital fame and fortune? Are the videos they create reflections of their ambition, or are there darker forces at work? 

Premiered May 24 - June 11th with Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre.

Playwright - Liam Salmon

Director - Kate Ryan

"RACHEL" - Gabby Bernard

"MILES" - Geoffrey Simon Brown

Multimedia Design - Ian Jackson

Lighting Design - Roy Jackson

Original Composition & Sound Design - Darrin Hagen

Set & Costume Design - Stephanie Bahniuk

Steph Link - Stage Management

Armourer, Fight Director & Intimacy Director - Janine Waddell

Production Manager - Emma Nokes 

Technical Director, House Technician & Systems Programmer - Ben Franchuk

To the folx who helped in the creation, dramaturgy, and workshop of this play: Jonathan Garfinkle, Jessica Glover, Beth Graham, Darrin Hagen, Jacob Margaret Archer, Heather Inglis, Lora Brovold, Harley Morison and David van Belle.


To the amazing actors who workshopped this play over the years: Helen Belay, Alex Dawkins, Oscar Derx, Paula Humbly, Morgan Grau, Corben Kushneryk, Priya Narine, Christina Nguyen, Chris Peirera and Jacob Holloway.


To the organizations and companies integral to this play’s development: Cardiac Theatre, The Canada Council for the Arts, Edmonton Public Library, The National Theatre School of Canada, Alberta Playwrights’ Network, Alberta Script Salon, and Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre. 

Liam SAlmon

Playwright, Producer, Dramaturge, Educator

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