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The internal and subjective component of sense perception; something that can only be experienced by experiencing it. 


The Boy With No Face

A New Play by Liam Salmon

Five minutes, an hour, a day, a year; the whole life of a troubled fifteen year old boy in an instant. Parents, teachers, students collide and explode in the aftermath of the unimaginable. Jason Burk relives the shadows of his troubled life as he walks to school one last time. 

Developed with the Citadel Playwright's Forum. 


An New Play by Liam Salmon

Pictures on the walls of stores, on the sides of newspapers. When all that's left of a person is a set of memories, chalk drawn on pavement, footprints traced in sand. Two sisters - one a Private Detective and the other a Mother whose child has been missing for four months - attempt to piece together the events before his disappearance. Can be be found, or is it already too late? 

Developed with the Citadel Young Playwriting Company



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